Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Adwords Manifesto Bonus & Review

Traffic = Money.
Here's How To Get A Lot Of It.

*Don't miss one word of this The Adwords Manifesto bonus and review page*

Do You Want More Cash-Paying Leads And Customers For Your Products & Services? And Do You Want Them TODAY?

You're about to discover how easy it is to bring in a FLOOD of web site visitors by knowing...
  • How to pull in 1000's of visitors every day to whatever websites or affiliate offers you like
  • How to legally steal the best keywords from your competitors and then use them to generate more money!
  • The methods he uses to create ads that generate more clicks than you think possible
  • How to avoid being slapped by Google and why serious marketers never need worry about this
  • How to dominate and destroy the competition in ANY niche market, even highly competitive niches and pick of the competition like flies
  • How to get the highest quality scores possible without replying on loopholes or shady techniques
This is it.

Pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you or run the risk of ending up like the majority of other online marketers that will soon become frustrated, angry, and finding themselves struggling to make tiny profits. (Or not making any money at all.)

Don't say I didn't warn you.

You know that everything comes down to your ability to generate traffic to your web site. Period. Without traffic there is no money.

So if you want to make a lot of money then you absolutely must know how to create a lot of traffic. No exceptions.

And this is exactly what Michael Jones shows you.

A Real A-To-Z Step-By-Step Training Course

Not just some 70 page rehashed information.

This system will work for any niche market and any business model. If your business has a web site it will work for you - even if you're new to Internet Marketing.

But hey, I'm not here to pitch you about this, if you're reading this it's because you really want to break from that job of yours and you're already interested in what The Adwords Manifesto has to offer and you want some valuable bonus that you can use to further increase your profits.

So, I'm going to make you this really simple for you and decide right now to invest in this amazing adwords manifesto course.

If you do buy trough my cleverly disguised Adwords Manifesto link, I'll
top any bonus offer out there.

Let's just see what bonus you'll get:

  • 200$ Yahoo Credit to start (it's like free money :)
  • Affiliate Extreme System (197$ Value) by Mark Ling who needs no introduction. This is one of THE major courses out there. Mark as sold over 5,700 units of this course. This volume tells something about the quality, don't you think?

  • The Google Massacre ( 97$ value) by the infamous Chris X who is one of the top adwords player and a super affiliate for any offer that he decides to promote. He just knows how to drive cheap traffic AND convert it into buyers.

  • A .COM domain of your choice registered in your name and with complete control over it. (yes, you read it right, I'll register a domain name for you as long as it's available)
  • 3 Professional Designed and Optimized Landing Pages for your campaigns (397$ value)
Now if you want to grab my bonuses instead of PLR articles,videos, ebooks and similar garbage [what people do with those stuff except storing on their hard drive?] then i can ensure you that you will earn much more then what you'll invest on The Adwords Manifesto.

Interested ?

So, here's what you have to do next:

  • Clear your browser cookies
  • Order through my cleverly disguised The Adwords Manifesto bonus link
  • Make sure that the affiliate name on the bottom of Clickbank order page is vinagre
  • Send a copy of your purchase receipt to infoartigos (@) and I'll send the bonus ASAP

Note: If you can still see this, the bonus are still available

Everything will be processed on FCFS basis and my bonus pack will go to only first 30 people who buy Google Shadow through this link .

PS: There's no exceptions. I'm sure that you understand that an offer like this can't go to many people as I have a limited staff to work on the domain registering process.

PPS: You really need to try it and you're completely covered by Clickbank refund policy (which you won't have to use I'm sure), so if you change your mind there's no hassle in getting your investment back.

PPPS: You will keep the domain if you decide to refund because you control it and I have no access to it.

The Adwords Manifesto bonus link

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